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Hello everyone! My name is Gia, and it is my absolute pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am a certified Life Coach with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I have experience coaching, training, mentoring, and advocating for others to find passion and purpose. In 2017, I began searching for my happiness and embarked on a series of exploring, trying new things, and traveling. I named my journey the "YOLO series" (You Only Live once). During my time of discovery, I learned so much about myself and decided that I could no longer live a "mediocre life". I had to stop allowing fear to dictate all of my decisions. I began creating healthy routines and started to live life free and fearlessly. My adventures included conquering my fear of water and heights; by swimming with dolphins in Mexico, zip lining in Thailand, bungee jumping in South Africa, and completing my first hike in Malaysia! I learned that failure is not the ending but an opportunity to push forward to something greater. In 2018 I made the ultimate leap of faith and moved out of the country to pursue a career in teaching. I had the time of my life and truly enjoyed creating a new version of myself. The new Gia was fearless, dedicated to her health, and didn't allow others' expectations to stifle her growth. Pushing past my fears was the beginning of me fulfilling my purpose and coaching others to do the same. Within a year of my travels, I met the love of my life, got engaged in Bali, married in China, and now we have our beautiful baby boy. The trajectory of my life was forever changed because I could no longer live a life that did not serve me. As a mentor, educator, and life coach, my mission is to help you live a better life be a better you. I am a LIVING testimony of what life can be if you truly get out of your comfort zone. I hope to meet you soon!

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Connect with me on FB & IG: thelifewithgia!


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